Farthest node in a graph

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Farthest node in a graph

Given an undirected tree, we need to find the longest path of this tree where a path is defined as a sequence of nodes. This problem is the same as the diameter of the n-ary tree. We have discussed a simple solution here. In this post, an efficient solution is discussed. We can find the longest path using two BFS s.

Breadth First Search \u0026 Depth First Search - Maximum Depth of N-ary Tree - LeetCode 559.

The idea is based on the following fact: If we start BFS from any node x and find a node with the longest distance from x, it must be an endpoint of the longest path. It can be proved using contradiction. So our algorithm reduces to simple two BFSs. This article is contributed by Utkarsh Trivedi. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute.

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Graph::Graph int V. Graph g 10. Enqueue u.

farthest node in a graph

Dequeue. Enqueue v. Python program to find the Longest Path of the Tree. Intialisation of graph. Push node into the stack only if it is not visited already. BFS 0.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Mathematica Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of Wolfram Mathematica. It only takes a minute to sign up. I am trying to learn how in an efficient way can one find the diameter of a random graph, that is, the longest shortest path, and its corresponding end-nodes.

The direct built-in function GraphDiameter seems to work normally and quite rapidly for small systems. What I do is as follows: generate a random ER graph with n nodes and edge probability p, check that it is connected, if yes find the diameter of the graph. Which I assume means the search was taking too long and the kernel aborted it. PseudoDiameter finds an approximate graph diameter. It works by starting from a vertex u, and finds a vertex v that is farthest away from u.

This process is repeated by treating v as the new starting vertex, and ends when the graph distance no longer increases. A vertex from the last level set that has the smallest degree is chosen as the final starting vertex u, and a traversal is done to see if the graph distance can be increased.

This graph distance is taken to be the pseudo-diameter. Basically a brute-force approach and thus probably not more efficient than GraphDiameterbut a way to obtain also a path that realizes the diameter:.

Longest path in an undirected tree

This is just a heuristic but it tends to deliver surprisingly good results. It is based on the intuition that the minimum and the maximum of the first eigenvector of the graph Lapacian tend to be be well separated. So this method computes the first eigenvector v and extracts its minimum and maximum.

Maybe you find something useful in this script by Fan Chung. At least upper bounds for the diameter in terms of eigenvalues can be found there; these could be used to assess the quality of the approximation a posteriorily. Diameter computation is approximately cubic in the number of vertices. Based on a quick fit, I expect a second 5 minute running time for a RandomGraph[BernoulliGraphDistribution[, 0. Now you know how long you need to wait—so try it! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Efficiently finding furthest two nodes in a graph Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 2 months ago. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed 2k times. In the light of this, my questions are: What is happening when the abort message is being returned? Is there a way to efficiently obtain the graph diameter even for such large graphs within Mathematica?

Or is the built-in GraphDiameter function known to be the most efficient option within Mathematica? Is asking for the end-nodes corresponding to the found diameter an additional overhead in terms of computation or it can easily be retrieved if a finite diameter has been found? Any feedback on these types of computations on graphs would be much appreciated. Maybe you run out of memory?

Active Oldest Votes. It would be quite useful to have this documented Before I read your message, I tried to reimplement this method, and ran into an issue where VertexDegree is surprisingly slow for large graphs, and has worse than expected complexity cubic in the number of vertices for graphs of constant density.

Just letting you know. Already reported to support. Edit This is just a heuristic but it tends to deliver surprisingly good results.While Cypher is optimized for finding the shortest path between two nodes, with such functionality as shortestPathit does not have the same sort of function for longest path.

In some cases, you may want this, and not the shortest route. The problem with this is that it will give you all paths, one for each hop, until you get to the leaf node.

farthest node in a graph

What you want is just the longest path to see how the parent and leaf child are connected. To do this efficiently, do the following:. What the above query is doing: The variable length If not using an acyclic tree structure, you may have several paths between two nodes, and you may want to get just the longest.

We can do this by ordering by path length and only taking the longest path:. With a fairly well connected graph, variable-length path queries like this may get increasingly expensive. Here are some tips to keep these performant. Knowledge Base Search.

Go Back. Achieving longestPath Using Cypher. Longest path when there are multiple paths present If not using an acyclic tree structure, you may have several paths between two nodes, and you may want to get just the longest. Tips for making these queries more efficient With a fairly well connected graph, variable-length path queries like this may get increasingly expensive.

Constrain relationship type and direction — If possible, use only the relevant types needed, and use a directed relationship. This may cut down on the paths followed during expansion. Supply an upper bound for the variable-length pattern — Patterns without bounds may get out of hand in a well connected graph.

Setting an upper bound can help constrain the work the query needs to perform. Use all or none in the WHERE clause following the MATCH — If predicates need to be evaluated during expansion, and they must apply to all nodes or relationships in the path, use all or none on the nodes or relationships from the path to evaluate during expansion rather than filtering after all paths are found.

Use APOC path expanders for special cases or restrictions — For certain restrictions, such as not repeating nodes during expansion, you may want to use path expander procs from APOC Procedures to enforce different configurations of uniqueness during expansion.

Relevant for Neo4j Versions: 3. Relevant keywords cypher, path, apoc. Author Dave Gordon. Applicable versions 3. Keywords cypher longestpath neo4jThe problem requires finding the farthest node. The solution given was to solve it using HLD.

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But I was thinking if there is some other way of doing it. I came across Centroid Decomposition. So I though of decomposing the tree into the levels l1,l2,l Then sort each level in dfs order.

Then for a particular node a the farthest node b would be the first element in the lowest level of the centroid graph. This level should not contain node a. Auto comment: topic has been updated by dragonzurfer previous revisionnew revisioncompare.

The problem is invisible right now, but I think it can be solved by simple DFS to calc the farthest node from each node, so dist [ i ] will contains the distance to the farthest node from node i.

Farthest node from any vertex of tree is actually one of ends of its diameter, which you can compute using two dfses, and then compute distances to vertices from ends using another two dfses. Doesn't matter. There is a nice article about tree centroids here. They're also usefull when you need to find if two trees are isomorphic. Mhammad1 has explained above. It's a tree, there is only one path between two nodes. So, you can — for sure — use a BFS or a DFS to get the farthest node and it's, actually, the most effective way if there is only a single query per graph.

Enter Register. Before contest Codeforces Round Div. Grand Prix of Korea. Lecture 5. Farthest node b from a node a in a tree. Comments Write comment?

The problem is invisible right now, but I think it can be solved by simple DFS to calc the farthest node from each node, so dist [ i ] will contains the distance to the farthest node from node i when you consider the farthest node from node uit could be found in the subtree of node u or outside, to calculate the farthest node from node u in its subtree is trivial, but outside is a little bit confusing, to calculate this value, for each node keep a vector vec [ u ] contains the farthest distance node in the subtree of node v where v is a direct child of uthen when you do DFSyou can pass a parameter called MaxUp that holds the farthest node from outside subtree of node uthis can be done fast by calculating prefix and suffix max on vector vec.Problem Description Given an arbitrary unweighted rooted tree which consists of N nodes.

The goal of the problem is to find largest distance between two nodes in a tree. Distance between two nodes is a number of edges on a path between the nodes there will be a unique path between any pair of nodes since it is a tree.

Exactly one of the i's will have A[i] equal to -1, it will be root node. Sign Up using. Log In using. Toggle navigation. The nodes will be numbered 0 through N - 1. First and only argument is an integer array A of size N. Return a single integer denoting the largest distance between two nodes in a tree. Output 1: 3. See Expected Output.

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Largest Distance between nodes of a Tree

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farthest node in a graph

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