Vincent x child reader lemon

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Vincent x child reader lemon

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Join Group. They looked up and shrieked from the brightness before zipping off the bed.

You cannot come in here--ughhh. Shut up, stomach! You jumped a bit, though you weren't sure if it was because she heard you or she didn't leave immediately. There was really no way out of this. Arguing with a large, decaying, monstrous animatronic could mean your death. And she probably wouldn't leave you alone until your tummy was satisfied. You heard her leave, but you still left the door shut just in case Foxy decided to visit.

Wandering back to your bed, you sat patiently and listened to the sound of pots and pans clanging in the kitchen downstairs, hopefully she didn't make a mess. About 15 minutes later you smelled something delicious heading your way, your stomach gurgling with eagerness to eat whatever it was.

At the first bite of pizza, you didn't realize how hungry you have been. Probably because you've expended so much energy running around your room all night. The mattress dipped down a bit as Nightmare Chica sat down next to you, though you didn't mind. Minding your manners, you took your time eating, all the while talking to her and, surprisingly, the Nightmare Cupcake.

You frowned, feeling sorry for the misunderstood chicken. The fact that she resembled a rubber ducky didn't help her cause, either. Have her designers ever seen a chicken before? Before Foxy could react, the cupcake shrieked, latching onto his muzzle. But another question was on your mind. When I opened the door, you could have killed me.

vincent x child reader lemon

N-Not that I wanted that but Nightmare Chica widened her one good eye, shocked, before returning the gesture, holding you until dawn arrived. Since that night, she started to visit you more often, bringing you snacks when you were hungry and keeping you company when you were scared.

Yep, she was definitely more a "mother hen" than a "duck". Showing 1 - 0 of 0 comments. Date Posted: 16 Aug, am. Posts: 0.You stood alone, your purple hair blowing in the wind as you stared at the car that was driving in the distance. With one shaky breath you tightened your grip on your suitcase and began dragging it with you towards the door. The dead yellow grass crunched under your feet as you walked. While the trash that sat on it threatened to combust into flames in the summer heat.

You looked down at the letter in your hand to distract yourself from the feelings that swirled inside of you. Your mother's curvy handwriting a comfort to you in your strange new surroundings. You grasped the letter tightly to your chest as you reached the porch. The world around you warped as you stared at the door.

It grew and burned a hot, bright red, as if it was the gateway to your own personal hell.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your stomach churned as you hit the doorbell. Your eyes screwing themselves closed in anticipation. There was silence. You cracked one eye open, confused by the lack of reaction. You pushed the button again awkwardly. More silence. As you contemplated hitting the button again the door swung open revealing a large irate looking man. Your young purple eyes ran slowly up his body. His legs were longer than your entire body was tall, with your head only coming up to slightly below his waist.

List of works by Vincent van Gogh

His torso was nicely sculpted, shown off by his lack of shirt. You felt yourself shrink backwards as you looked into his eyes.

vincent x child reader lemon

Even without the large scowl that adorned his face, the hidden rage that burned brightly behind the veil of his white pupiless eyes was enough to make you want to run away and never come back. Your small frame began to shake at the sight of this intimidating man. You stared down at your shuffling feet as you held out the letter.

You felt the piece of paper lazily tugged from your grasp. He seemed to take no notice of your introduction as his eyes scanned over the paper. Shove all her problems over to me. His eyes focused on you as he crushed the paper in his hands. He dropped the paper, letting it float to the ground slowly and join the piles of other trash on the floor. You followed him stiffly. Your eyes darted around the room you were in.

There was trash strewn everywhere, pile after pile of miscellaneous junk. It was poorly lit and the curtains were drawn leaving you next to blind as he kicked the door closed behind you. His eyes scanned the room, searching for something. End of the hall.I ran to the office and pushed Jeremy. Mangle smiled up at him. She stared at him a little bit longer, before breaking into a big grin and hugging him, gigging slightly.

I nosebleed with Jeremy at the office, I record everything. Follow my new account ask-security-guards. And Followers! Kitty - Since she was an experiment in a science project many side effects came with it, including Schizophrenia, Split Personality and not being able to get pregnant. Chris: oh… Unknown like Kitty? Posts Likes Is there something you want to tell or ask us? Submit a post Archive. That's right.

It's smut, don't like it. Anonymous asked: "Hey Mangle! Whats up? On the ceiling. She thought for a moment. Her eyes widened in excitement.

She smiled. I saw when Bon Bon was kissing my sis check, I took a picture without they noticing. He gently put Mangle on the table and started to repair her. She smiled up at him. He took the instruments box. She watched him carefully. She looked up at him with wide eyes. He felt slightly surprised at first but he hugged her back I ship them so hard!

He held her close and kissed her. She kissed him back, smiling. He smiled through the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Follow my new account ask-security-guards Better hurry… cause in 2 weeks.

Im gonna delete this account. Mike - Although being rivals with Ongo, they used to be friends back in high school. Jeremy - He has never kissed anyone. Fritz - He looks brown but he has white, brown and black blood. Phil - In high school he was drugged and raped by Purple. Unknown - He has a crush on Kitty, despite her being with Chris. Guys Sorry for not uploading anything on this.List of works by Vincent van Gogh is an incomplete list of paintings and other works by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh — Little appreciated during his lifetime, his fame grew in the years after his death.

According to the legend van Gogh sold only one painting, The Red Vineyardbought for francs by the painter and art collector Anna Boch. Van Gogh did not begin painting until his late twenties, and most of his best-known works were produced during his final two years. He produced more than 2, artworks, consisting of around paintings and 1, drawings and sketches. InSunset at Montmajour became the first full-sized Van Gogh painting to be newly confirmed since Today many of his pieces—including his numerous self portraitslandscapes, portraits and sunflowers —are among the world's most recognizable and expensive works of art.

The listing is ordered by year and then by catalogue number. While more accurate dating of Van Gogh's work is often difficult. As a general rule the numbering from Jan Hulsker 's catalogue is more precise chronologically [5]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Still Life with Cabbage and Clogs.

Van Gogh MuseumAmsterdam. Beach at Scheveningen in Calm Weather. Minnesota Maritime Art Museum, Winona. Women Mending Nets in the Dunes. Two Women in the Woods. Girl in White in the Woods.

Edge of a Wood. Man Stooping with Stick or Spade. Dunes with Figures. Beach at Scheveningen in Stormy Weather. Fisherman on the Beach. Fisherman's Wife on the Beach.

Bonnie X Reader Lemon Forced Wattpad

National Gallery of ArtWashington D. Three Figures near a Canal with Windmill.

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Potato Digging Five Figures. Footbridge across a Ditch. Farmhouses in Loosduinen near The Hague at Twilight. Centraal MuseumUtrecht. The Sower study. Landscape with Dunes.

Farmhouse Among Trees. Two Women in the Moor. Landscape with a Church at Twilight. Peat Boat with Two Figures. Drents MuseumAssen. Peasant Burning Weeds. Farm with Stacks of Peat. Weaver Facing Right Half-Figure.Aldigi urunleri cebindeki paraya gore alir.

Jen is a graphicweb designer who enjoys writing watching horror movies learning guitar and reading about conspiracymysteries of the earth. Creepypasta jeff the killer x reader. Modern urban legends you cant unread mrcreepypasta vincent v. Bullies and liars beware. Naomi jansen just wanted a normal carefree life till she met jeff a laid back teenage boy with a dark secret.

It isnt forgotten amongst most internet goers that these kinds of stories can be unsettling and tense at best and beyond horrifying at worst.

vincent x child reader lemon

This page has enough examples to prove that creepypastas didnt gain the title of spooky campfire stories of the web for nothing. Cunku hesabini bilen insandir. If you place this book back on the shelf now youll save yourself mr creepypasta there are stories that scare you.

An first we have toby or as i like to call him waffle boy xd yn pov i remember that day two years ago like it was yesterday. Your doom is near.

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Kasada da bir urununu unutani asla goremezsin. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Either the meme was simply forgotten over time it was one of many advertising campaigns that got discontinued it was associated with something that fell victim to changing politics it was a catch phrase that got repeated too much it was associated to the plot of a work that got outdated by.

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The spongebob lost episode is a creepypasta story about a legendary bootleg video of the tv show spongebob squarepants. Share your videos with friends family and the world. Cava matt dymerski tw.

Bime a e giden adam copunu bile alir unutmaz. Politique de confidentialite filmube. My best and only friend toby rodgers went missing presumed to be killed in the fire. Any meme that has fallen out of favor with pop culture or at least the segment it was popular in. And then there are the dark and disturbing creepypasta stories that will leave you seriously. Creepypasta Jeff The Killer Tumblr. Creepypasta Wikipedia.

Liked Drawings By Creepyposta Paigeeworld. Jeff The Killer Tumblr. Ben X Jeff Music Playlist. Creepypasta X Reader 2 Story. Creepypasta Zerochan Anime Image Board.

X Dog Reader Lemon.

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Liu And Jeff Creepypasta Loadtve.It was a late Saturday evening, like, really late. I had been forced to take the night shift at my sort-of new job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria…it only being sort-of new because I hadn't been there long enough to consider myself a veteran yet, but long enough to know the ins-and-outs of the old building.

I clicked my tongue between my teeth as I walked into the building, its structure looming over me in the night. They always played it on repeat during the day, and since I worked day shift it, it was always on my brain. It had been permanently imprinted.

I even caught myself humming it as I entered the building. I took note that the front door wasn't locked, but it didn't disturb me because I knew I wouldn't be working alone tonight.

vincent x child reader lemon

Vincent, another security guard, would be working with me tonight. I had worked the nightshift only a few times before, and I did my best to avoid ever working at night again, but fate would have it that the day shift had already been claimed for the day, so I was stuck with nightshift. I scolded myself for not coming in earlier and writing on the roster that I wanted daytime as I walked through the dark building, passing the stage as I walked by.

I stopped momentarily to take in the animatronics that stood in place. I didn't like the new animatronics; they were creepy as hell and even more disturbing than the older ones. Vincent I found agreed with me, though he showed a deep and sort of disturbing affection for the older animatronics. I would often find him, if he was with me during the day and not talking to the kids, sitting with them, drinking a fountain soda, talking with them like they were old friends.

It always kind of freaked me out, but I used to talk to my stuffed animals a lot, so I didn't judge. But lately…something has been eating the back of my brain….

I continued to stare at the lifeless looking animatronics until I felt a terrible cold feeling, and then moved on with a shudder. I hated all of the animatronics, new and old. They were freaky, and not to mention they tried to kill me every time I took the nightshift. The thing eating at my brain was the story of the Freddy incidents. I had pulled up a history on the place after hearing some disturbing rumors from teenagers that always came and hung out, watching their younger siblings.

Apparently, the Freddy trademark was bought from a family who owned a small diner, then they grew into a huge business, and the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria was opened…but then, not long afterwards, tragedy struck. A string of murders had occurred in the building…all of them children.

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The children were never found, and the place got shut down for health reasons. After a while, they reopened the establishment, which I was currently walking through.

Why would they reopen a place like this after such a terrible thing happened? I never found out if the killer was caught, but in my mind, I certainly hope so.

Reading a Purple Guy x Reader fanfic until I have a mental breakdown

Suddenly, I was blinded by a bright light from the office. I shielded my eyes, squinting to see what it was. Then I heard a chuckle come from the office and my thoughts were confirmed.

I blinked several times to get my eyesight back, blinking away the dancing spots behind my eyes. Vincent sat there, holding the flashlight, his usual shit-eating grin on his face. I wanted to get straight to the point. Vincent had always sort of creeped me out. He just gave off this really weird vibe that gave me cold shivers when I was around him…sort of like the animatronics, but it felt worse.Originally posted by zennou.

How had this happened? Well, she knew how it was to happen, but seeing broke something in her. Never had she imagined that her husband, her mate, would die before her.

He laid there, lifelessly staring up at the ceiling with his red eyes, his mouth slightly open in eternal shock. She fell to her knees with a nauseating squelch.

A heartbreaking cry ripped from her throat. Those around her flinched at the anguish coming from the woman.

There was no way. No way Sebastian could be dead. Yes, do not forget what he told you earlier… But his dead stare was too real… Maybe someone had really gotten the upper hand on the demon. Yes, she knew very well of what her husband was. Those gathered in the room looked at her with pity in their eyes. From the small amount of time they had been here, they could all see how inseparable these two were.

She bit her lip, just imagining what scene she was going to walk into, trying to remember how she was to act and what she was to say. Sebastian gave her a hopeless smile, walking up to her from the door. He slid his glove from his left hand, cupping her neck and jaw.

Her eyes turned up to his, leaning into his palm. At his words, she went limp in his hands. Running his fingers over her cheek one last time, he wished her sweet dreams.

But it never came. The head maid simply crawled closer to her husband, her fingers running through his silky hair. His eyes cracked open to gaze at her sadly. Her lip trembled as tears filled her eyes.

His eyes closed as she pressed her lips to his, blood smearing onto hers. She pulled away, sobbing silently.


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